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Introducing the Lobster Tail Pastry

The origins of The Lobster Tail Pastry comes from Campania, Italy. 

Its original name is called Sfogliatelle, which means ‘thin leaf layers’. The dough is hand stretched until tissue paper thin, rolled and baked into a light flaky crispy pastry.

There are different variants to this pastry; an Italian and New York version. Both versions uses the same technique, but the difference is in the filing. The Italian version is filled with semolina and ricotta cheese, while the New York version is filled with creamy custard cream.

The New York version was created when the pastry was brought over to the US by Italian immigrants. They simplified the name calling the pastry; THE LOBSTER TAIL PASTRY in New York because it looks very much like a lobster’s tail. 

Keedo Keedo's Lobster Tail pastry is produced in the exact classic way. All hand made from scratch, taught to us by an Italian master baker who is a good friend of ours.

Keedo Keedo’s version of the Lobster Tail Pastry is toward the New York type, which took us over a year in development & fine tuning with the guidence of our Italian mentor.

As we could not find this unique Lobster Tail Pastry here in Singapore, we had developed this pastry to share it with you.

Keedo keedo is humbled to present you, The Lobster Tail Pastry!

We hope you enjoy it.

What pastry is it? As we always say:

"It's crispy, it's flaky, it's buttery. We like it, we love it, we want it, but we couldn't find it. ….... So we made it."

Hope you enjoy it!