Frequently Asked Questions

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Please eat the pastries on the day of their arrival to experience their full potential.

We strongly discourage keeping pasties overnight as it will run the risk of loosing it's crispy flakyness. But if you must, please do so in the freezer. Just don’t forget to thaw them in the chiller for about 60 minutes +/- before eating them the next day.

Keeping the pasties in the chiller for 1 night will loose their crispness.

It satisfies the sweet tooth, but not overly sweet in our opinion.

It comes in a box of 5 pastries, delivered to you chilled inside a cooler bag.

Long story short.

Its flaky, its crispy , its buttery, its creamy we like it, we want it, but we couldn't’t find it …....... So we made it Hope you enjoy it!

It took us almost a year in R&D to develop the special flaky outside, creamy inside texture. So we hope you enjoy them. 

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